We all have a duty of care towards the environment so we can pass it onto our children

Environmental Policy

It is recognised by Parker Environmental Services Limited that it has a responsibility to protect the environment. That the environment has its place in the company is shown in the following policy, in that the company:

  • Recognises relevant legislation, regulations and government guidance.
  • Wherever possible meets the industries relevant codes of practice.
  • Ensures the policy is read and understood by all employees
  • Carry out environmental training.
  • Minimises waste, limit pollution and conserves energy and natural resources.
  • Seeks to reduce and recycle any waste created as part of the work process.
  • Seeks to use the most environmentally efficient methods of transport.
  • Whenever required, uses registered waste disposal companies or licensed tips for the disposal of waste, particularly hazardous materials.
  • Maintains clean and tidy work sites to ensure minimum inconvenience to clients.
  • The contents of the policy are known by all subcontractors and suppliers.

Environmental Impacts

Parker Environmental Services Limited has carried out an Environmental Impact Survey and have considered all the factors that have an effect on its operations and have put an Environmental Control Plan in place. This covers:

  • Recycling of All materials e.g. general waste, Metal, wood
  • Use of Chemicals and disposal
  • Spillages
  • Water Courses and drainage
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Air pollution
  • Water and energy use

Our purchasing department are fully aware of the company policy on the environmental impact and their influence on the effect purchasing has and assess all possible environmental impacts their purchasing may have.

Parker Environmental Services Limited use only authorised licenced waste carriers for disposal of its waste.

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